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Cybersecurity Controls Assessment != Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Is a cybersecurity controls assessment the same thing as a cybersecurity risk assessment? Understanding the differences and benefits of each. A cybersecurity controls assessment and a cybersecurity risk assessment are two distinct but related activities within the field of cybersecurity. Here’s a breakdown of their differences and how one might be more beneficial than the […]

How to Build an Infosec Program and Win Support from the Executive Team

· Today’s executives consider cybersecurity critical to the success of their business.  So then why is it a challenge to get ample time at the table with them to work through critical decisions regarding the cybersecurity program?  This is because it’s a challenge to get any executive’s time for any other important company matter.  They […]

The Role of Executive Leadership in Cybersecurity

· Cybersecurity is an incredibly complex topic.  Even the most brilliant minds will not understand a lot of it unless they spend a lot of time learning about the topic.  Executives do not have that luxury and must depend on their mid to lower-level managers.  Yet those managers are often not in a place of […]