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Securing your Business

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External Attack Surface Management "ShadowKat"

ShadowKat, helps cybersecurity managers to better understand their internet attack surface, thus improving visibility to potential unknown vulnerabilities their organization may have.

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Automated Penetration Testing

Pentest automation reduces the time vulnerabilities exist because testing can be performed on a routine cadence. Automated pentesting is also much more affordable and can save organizations over 50% of their current manual pentesting costs.

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Vulnerability Management

Building a vulnerability management program can be challenging as it often affects many parts of a company. See how 3wSecurity can help you with your vulnerability management program.

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Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Building Your
Security Program

Step 01.
Appetite for Risk

Each business model has unique qualities that help define what its appetite for risk should be. The design of your security program supports the underlying needs of your business.

Step 02.
Security Culture

Securing any organization starts with its people. Establishing a security mindset is key. Arm your employees with the knowledge they need to conduct their activities in a secure manner.

Step 03.
Program Management

Smart program management allows for executive oversight on key security metrics. Building real-time dashboards to monitor progress and current state of your program is key.

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Ransomware Attacks Doubled from 2020 to 2021
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Of Breaches start with a Phishing Attack
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Of Organizations will have a Cybersecurity Breach
Why choose us

Why Choose Us

We Focus on What matters

Ransomware Assessment

Are you vulnerable to a Ransomware Attack? 3wSecurity has a number of offerings intended to help protect companies from a Ransomware Attack.

Social Engineering

3wSecurity helps organizations evaluate their exposure to social engineering as well as recommend ways to make your workforce more resistant to social engineering.

Emerging Risks

3wSecurity helps organizations evaluate their exposure to emerging risks and current events such as the Solar Winds Breach, Kaseya, log4j, T-Mobile and other recently exploited vulnerabilities.

Security Posture Assessment

3wSecurity provides security assessments used to gauge the effectiveness of an organization’s security program and we perform assessments for potential acquisitions, third parties, and individual business units.

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Asset Management & Shadow IT

You don't know what you don't know. We can help bring light unknown security problems your organization may have.

Readiness Assessment

3wSecurity helps organizations prepare for various compliance requirements such as HIPAA, HiTrust, SOC2, CMMC and PCI.

Risk Assessments

3wSecurity performs variety of risk assessments in areas such as Security Software Development, IT Operations, Network Architecture, Third Party Assessments, and a variety of other assessments.

KPI Dashboards for Security

3wSecurity helps organizations to improve their security program by providing better insight and reporting via real-time KPI dashboards.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge base

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Let's talk

3wSecurity is a values-based company built on relationships.  Our goal is to become a trusted advisor to like-minded organizations.  Since organizations face similar challenges in cybersecurity, we believe that we can provide value to managers by designing a wheelhouse of cybersecurity solutions intended to address these common industry challenges.  Our solutions include consulting, managed services, value-add reselling as well as in-house developed software. 

3wSecurity is a cybersecurity company offering a wide range of services.  Using a risk-based approach, we are helping leaders to focus on what is important, so that they can get a strong return on their security investments.